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Dreams begin early for most everyone; but it takes passion, belief and determination to turn a dream into a reality....Graciela is not “most everyone.”

Gracie is a visionary who possesses natural talent and a drive that is far beyond her years. Her insightful perspective and heart are qualities that set her apart in her journey to achieve her goals.

The 14-year-old military daughter, who hails from Washington County, PA, spends down time on the family farm. The lifestyle has enabled her to develop a genuine appreciation for the wholesome culture that has shaped her “breath of fresh air” outlook.


“I’m very fortunate to enjoy rural farm life. I think it’s given me a unique grounded viewpoint that most cannot or have not experienced.”

With siblings who struggle with disabilities, the teenage artist has compassion and care for loved ones cherished; the aspiring young visionary hopes to become a role model for the disadvantaged.


“I want to be an inspiration to those who suffer; to let them know that I am here, and I am listening. I’d like to use my music as a platform to offer hope that better days are ahead, and to help change lives. Music is an expression; I want people to ‘hear’ what I have to say—especially on behalf of others.”

Gracie’s creative process is a personal journal and an emotional outlet. Her desire to use her voice to “move” the listener is uplifting. She is committed to study her craft—driven to become an entertainer both as a confident, compelling vocalist and proficient instrumentalist. At just six-years-old, she began to learn piano; today with a daily two-hour practice regimen, Gracie aspires to follow in the footsteps of her musical influences as a must-see entertainer and pianist.

“I have a great admiration for Adele and Lana Del Rey; they command the stage and captivate an audience with their powerful voices. Equally so, I am fascinated by Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga and Elton John; they are multi-talented entertainers and incorporate the piano to add texture and depth to their performances.”

Graciela has performed at local festivals, charity events, in talent shows, at various venues in Nashville, and Hard Rock Café. In October 2021, The “Rising Star” performed at the 4th Annual Women Who Rock™ Benefit Concert joining an all-female, all-star roster of renowned entertainers: Rita Wilson, Lauren Monroe (with Rick Allen of Def Leppard), Orianthi, The Vindys and DJ Femi. She released a waterfall series of original tunes

(“Best Days/”Static”/“Best Of Me”/”Diamond In The Rain”) in 2021.

Gracie has been working alongside six-time Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Hoyson, and Music Producer/Composer Rob Deaner (The Vault) in preparation to release her sophomore EP scheduled for a mid-summer 2022 release. The new project boasts introspective and reflective originals.

“Gracie captured my attention during her performance at the Women Who Rock Concert. She demonstrated a lot of talent as a performer, songwriter and pianist. Gracie has a bright future with great potential. I enjoy working with her.” — Jimmy Hoyson

"Gracie has a tremendous musical maturity, in both lyrics and melody, which seems to come naturally; the depth of her writing is unique to her youth.” — Rob Deaner


A blossoming artist with a desire to portray emotion with verve, Graciela’s personal introspect is deeply contemplative and conversely complimented by her energetic and sassy personality. The combination makes for a musical expression all her own and a wide-open canvas to dream beyond the horizon and into the starry night.




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